Andrey Kulikov

Mindmap summary of the book "The Secrets of Facilitation" by M.Wilkinson

Anyone, who ran a meeting or a workshop, knows how hard it can be to get any meaningful result out of it - be it decision, consensus on a topiс or anything else. But there are rather simple and structured ways to increase the probability success of a good group meeting, and good books written about this topic.

In this article I would like to share with you the mindmap of a great book "The Secrets of Facilitation", written by M.Wilkinson. This is a big (400+ A4-sized pages) study book, full of checklists, advice and case studies, so it takes a while to read it. But the content covers many different scenarios, from traditional strategic workshops to conferences, virtual meetings and even some guerrilla facilitation tactics for participants.

Below you can a mindmap (tree-like diagram) image with the ideas from this book. As I said, the book itself is organized in a very practical way - each chapter has a summary, wrap-up and a checklist, so you can start using it right from the start. Click on the image to get the original size source.

This mindmap is also available as an interactive html file.

Mindmap of The Secrets of Facilitation book by M.Wilkinson