Andrey Kulikov

Mindmap summary of the book "How to measure anything?"

This article is the beginning of series, where I would share summaries and reviews of the books I found to be useful. We will start with a great "how-to" book about measurements of complicated matters.

Making informed decisions is not an easy task, and any method that can improve our decision-making is really helpful. The book "How to measure Anything?" by Douglas Hubbard outlines a great and structured approach to building a measurement that reduces the uncertainty. The beauty of the method is that it can be applied to any project you might be considering, ranging from IT system's replacement to reorganisation and engineering.

Below you can a mindmap (tree-like diagram) image with the ideas from this book. Of course, it cannot substitute the book itself, but it might be detailed enough to understand the concepts presented by author. The mindmap also used great review of the book, written by user "Lukeprog" on the forum

This mindmap is also available as an interactive html file.

Mindmap of How to measure anything book